Most people with alcohol and drug addiction survive : NPR

But the ending (spoiler alert), is ultimately triumphant. For every parent riddled with guilt, for anyone waking up in the shame cave (again), for every person who has had a messy struggle forward towards redemption… this book is for you. If you’ve taken part in Dry January®, you may have already noticed some changes in the way you feel both physically and mentally. The number one sign of a successful Dry January is that you’ve learned something about yourself that you can use in the future to take, or keep, control of your drinking. The problem with crystal methamphetamine treatment is that no prescribed medication can help to soothe withdrawal symptoms. Anyone addicted to crystal meth needs to go cold turkey.

I recollect, even as a preteen, prior to my drinking career, not being able to feel sorrow at my Grandmother’s funeral, forcing myself to cry just to fit in with the family. I made a conscious decision upon my graduation to stop smoking marijuana because of the possibility of jeopardizing my medical license if I were to get caught. Alcohol easily and quickly replaced the marijuana as I began residency. I knew that if I did, that would mean I had a problem.

Sisters Who Followed The Yam: Two Women in Self Recovery

“It is a lifestyle and I’ve been particularly lucky with the opportunities it has brought into my life. I now produce sobriety greeting cards, have a sober clothing brand, had a short story published, I’ve spoken publicly about my journey and both attended and hosted sober meetups. Having lost her home and children, Becki was living on the streets with winter rapidly approaching. Still gripped by her addiction, Becki’s primary concern was finding somewhere warm to stay. This prompted her to enter a residential treatment program.

But, I maintained my grades and graduated on time. I was actually sorely hungover during graduation since I stayed up all night the day before taking pills and drinking. Shane Ramer is the inspiring host of That Sober Guy Podcast. After struggling with substance use disorders from a young age, Shane sought out professional care and began his journey to recovery.

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May 4th, 2019, leaving a Racetrack, I was involved in an accident that was completely my fault. My Attorney told me the story of his Nanny going into Valley Hope years ago and has been clean for 8 yrs. When he mentioned entering inpatient for 30 days, I said I can’t do that, my business will be lost. My Attorney/Friend point blank told me that I was sick and needed help. He told me that this is one time you need to really trust God. I visited Valley Hope to take a tour and I told the young lady that I would be back in 2 weeks to check in to stay.

  • She’s the author of the Sober Curious book series, host of the Sober Curious podcast, and a well-known thought leader in the sobriety community.
  • Guilt is a choice and it doesn’t serve anyone.
  • ” I didn’t understand I could decline to answer or that I didn’t have to make sense to everyone.
  • Meetings, never had a sponsor, and only had two friends that he could trust.
  • For years, Laura’s alcohol addiction helped mask the pain of her mental illness, but ultimately, alcohol only served to make the problem worse.

For now, I want to share three inspirations that form the cornerstones of how I live into my sobriety. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories.

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It was the most difficult and most brave thing I have ever done. Gina is an outgoing person, hence, her soul that shines through her eyes. Without hearing her story, you would never understand the trials and tribulations she endured to make it to where she is today. We are not fighting it, neither are we avoiding temptation. We feel as though we had been placed in a position of neutrality—safe and protected. That is how we react so long as we keep in fit spiritual condition.

  • Arizona as of Jan 29 licensed 844 residential behavioral health facilities for adults and 138 for children.
  • Ann Dowsett Johnston masterfully weaves personal story, interviews, and sociological research together to create a compelling, informative, and even heartbreaking reality about drinking and womanhood.
  • For some, sobriety takes their lives in completely new directions.
  • In fact, right after the Netflix special launched, someone asked me about the “secret to my success,” and the first thing that came to my mind was my sobriety.

I would awaken during the night in withdrawal needing to take some alcohol to be able to get back to sleep. TOP 10 BEST Sober Living Homes in Boston, MA January 2024 I began to need to drink just to feel normal. I was sliding down a very slippery slope without a solution.

Sober Story: June

And like many types of progress, his improvement did not always happen in a straight line. I went to AA meetings regularly during my first year of sobriety, and I still work the program. It’s not for everyone, but it makes sense to me. And, I’m unapologetic about taking what works and leaving the rest. Over the past two decades, food and work have emerged as my real drugs of choice.

My name is Laura T, and I hung my cup at Valley Hope in November of 2005 at the young age of 21. I sort of followed my discharge plan, but not completely. I’d like to say that I maintained sobriety after discharge but that wouldn’t be honest. At that time, I conceded that I was a drug addict, but I couldn’t accept that I was an alcoholic.

She says she finds huge therapeutic value in sharing stories with other people in the same situation. A common thread woven throughout many success stories of addiction recovery is the role of other people in inspiring sobriety. Resultantly, Bill learned to love himself and to love life. Bill developed self-worth and began volunteering, working for rehab centers to help young people like him. Bill was able to lay to rest all the guilt, shame, resentment, and abuse that haunted him by addressing his childhood traumas.

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